Swim in Sydney Harbour

2021 October Adventure - A Swim in Sydney Harbour

Who knew you could swim in Sydney Harbour ?

During the Sydney Covid lockdown, when we were all looking for entertainment, one of our crazy friends decided that it would be fun to swim from Woolloomooloo, past Lady Macquarie's chair, past the Botanical gardens to the Opera House!

 So on a chilly, May morning, in our set of 5.....(that was the exercising group number at the time) we donned our wetsuits ready for our swim adventure. Smiles all round as we jumped off the pier opposite the navy base, into the Harbour at Woolloomooloo.

Hugging the shore we stopped and waved at all the morning joggers who were more than happy to "whoop, whoop" us with a cheer as we floated on by.

Surprisingly the water was super clean and pretty shallow as we swam past the Botanical Gardens.

No-one could pass up the opportunity to climb out at the Opera House wharf and "party jump" back in!! 

As we ventured deeper into Circular Quay from the Opera House we were greeted by the Water Police!  All 5 of us assumed we were in trouble, but no they were just checking in on us and were more than happy to take our photo in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The swim back was a little more daunting - deep, dark water!!! We stayed together in a tight group as we sprinted from the Opera House back to Lady Macquarie's chair.

A sensational Saturday morning with our "SWIM SET".


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