We are sisters.

Born and bred in Sydney.

We feel distinctly Australian.

We have always loved fashion and swimming.

Swimming in the ocean has linked us and our swimming adventures have kept us connected.

We are best friends and we swim together daily.

Our passion for the sea and the lifestyle it provides started early.  Weekends on the beach. Holidays on the beach. 

Toddlers in zinc. 

Teenagers in bikinis.

We would never have guessed that our swimming would continue to provide the same fun and joy as it did when we were kids.  

 However from our first ocean swim we knew we had discovered an adventure we loved doing together. 

We loved the preparation, the friendships formed, and the feeling of jubilation on completing something that takes you out of your comfort zone. 

 Swimming in the ocean has now become part of our daily ritual. 

A day that starts without a swim never feels quite right.  The touch of the sea and swimming in it has become our passion. 

The Swim Set was born out of this passion. 

We would like to help you share this feeling too.


The Swim Set adventures in Heron Island