Milos - Guide to Greece

Milos - Guide to Greece

The azure waters of Milos, Greece, have always held a certain allure, calling us to explore their hidden depths and captivating beauty. Milos is the southwesternmost island in the Cyclades group; a quick 40 minute flight from the chaos that is Athens airport. Unique in its landscape, aesthetically beautiful in that white-washed Greek way but fewer people than the bigger islands of Santorini or Mykonos that are swarming with cruise ship tourists. The island is famous for the Venus de Milo, a statue of Aphrodite. 

This year, we embarked on an aquatic adventure with Swim Trek, a UK based company that specialises in  swimming holidays, globally. Little did we know that this experience would not only exceed our expectations but that we would meet a super star swimmer, Anna-Carin Nordin,the first woman to complete the Marathon Seven Seas. Join us as we take you through the exhilarating journey of participating in the  Swim Trek on this picturesque Greek island.

What is a Swim Trek?

Unlike traditional swimming vacations, a Swim Trek is a guided open-water swimming adventure that takes you on a journey through stunning coastal landscapes and natural wonders. It combines the thrill of swimming in open waters with the exploration of picturesque locations, making it an ideal choice for adventurers and water enthusiasts alike. Catering to all levels. 

Arrival in Milos: Anticipation and Excitement

Travelling between Greek islands can often throw up challenges and we had a stressful start to the beginning of our Swim Trek. Extreme wind for 2 days in Kythira prevented us from flying to Athens which meant we missed our connecting flight to Milos.  Consequently, we had to embrace the 3 hour Sea Jet ferry crossing from Athens to Milos, 2 days behind schedule because there were no flights available. We however managed to re-group to only miss the first day of swimming on our SwimTrek adventure. 

As we arrived in Milos at the port of Adamas, the excitement was palpable. We then took a taxi to the town of Apollonia, our local village for the next 5 days.  We were looking forward to meeting our guides Anna and Ben and all the other swim trekkers who had all completed their first day of swimming.The Swim Trek team greeted us with warm smiles and an itinerary that promised an array of awe-inspiring swims. 

After a quick safety brief and a welcoming drink we settled into our accomodation at Soultana Rooms.  The hotel was everything you expect on a SwimTrek swimming holiday.  Traditional Greek style rooms, sparse but very clean and the hotel was well located near to restaurants and shopping. Then it was off to dinner at a fabulous restaurant, Yialos. A good start to our week of swimming.

Our amazing guide - Meeting Anna-Carin Nordin: An Inspirational Encounter

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