Guide Italian Riviera

Guide Italian Riviera

Swimming Stylish. Doesn't everyone feel more stylish in stunning surroundings?  Like, the beauty of a place rubs off on you?  By taking the collection abroad I have been lucky to be able to photograph our collection in some of the most beautiful locations. I spent the spring in the Italian Riviera - join me as I wear test The Swim Set in some fab locations and take advantage of crisp, morning swims and days on deck beds in the warming conditions.

First dip...Lake Como. A stunning lake side room at Hotel Fiori with a perfect swimmer's view to check out the silky water conditions. I took the plunge off the dock, it was a refreshing 16C but if that's not for you Lido di Cernobbio is a stunning pool where you can spend the day on the terrace, rent a day bed, and sip an aperitif lake side.

Sleeveless wetsuit

 How stunning is the setting? To die for, right!

Hotel Fiori Lake Como


Next stop on the Italian Riviera - Cinque Terre - Levanto.  A quick 2 1/2 hour drive from Milan, with a fashion fix on the way at  Serraville Outlets for your designer faves. Then a terrifying drive through the hills and a windy road through the valley to reach the tree lined streets of Levanto. The area is known as one of the best surf spots in Italy.  So it's got a Byron hipster feel, mixed with the hiking crowd and a good dose of Aussie style with a swimming pool perched by the sea. 

Next dip is dark and stormy, not the Euro blue sky we expected. I checked out the local pool Piscina Casino to be told the season hadn't started yet. But with my "never regret a swim" mantra and my long sleeve 3mm wetsuit  and bright red cap I braved the 12C outside wind and the chilly 16C water.

The sun is out! Bikes are hired to cove-hop from Levanto, to Bonassola to Framura through a 5km bike tunnel, taking a dip at every opportunity.

I especially loved the mermaid swimmer weather vane in Frarmura; a swimmer goddess protecting her paradise.  Look out for La Cueva blanca...our fabulous lunch spot!

Stylish wetsuit _ framura Italy

Framura Mermaid Vane

Perfecting the dive in our Lulu 3mm wetsuit  at Bonassola. 

Did I mention that Cinque Terre is a marine park and there are lots of fish to see? A nice surprise as most of the sea in Europe is pretty scarce of fish. 

Sleeveless 3mm wetsuit
Final dip and a Campari apertivo at Bagni san giorgio. A super stylish beach club in the gorgeous little town of Bonassola, enjoy a swim along the cliffs  to the Chapel of the Madonna della Punta.


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