🐣 Easter Reading 📕  Olympian discusses "Darkest chapter in Olympic and swimming history"

🐣 Easter Reading 📕 Olympian discusses "Darkest chapter in Olympic and swimming history"


The Swim Set was recently invited to the launch of Michelle's new book...
Turning the Tide by Michelle Ford

" A significant contribution to Olympic History. A Must read"

Anita de Frantz, IOC Member.

We have to agree. It's an inspirational read for all swimmers and women who love sport.

Michelle's career highlights, were staggering. World Record at 12yrs, Montreal Olympics at 13yrs, Olympic Gold Medal at 17yrs against the GDR doping system, numerous records and a life of advocating for women in sport.

Her swimming accolades were phenomenal and we are in awe of her dedication to her goals, but what engaged us totally was Ford’s fight to “right the wrongs” from an era that has gone down as the darkest chapter in Olympic and swimming history. The research that she presented about the GDR doping, the politics in sport and how the IOC turned a blind eye, kept us enthralled. Ford's book is a testament to the resilience of women in sport. It celebrates their unwavering determination and unwinds the narratives of their remarkable achievements despite facing countless obstacles.

At the end of her book she concluded with her "Call to Action".

“With the Olympic Games of Paris 2024, Los Angeles 2028 and Brisbane 2032 upon us, I call upon the IOC and the international sporting federations to reallocate the medals through the ‘Olympic Medal Reallocation Process’ and re-establish the record books from the Montreal 1976, Moscow 1980 and Seoul 1988 Olympic Games.”

This illustrates her continued determination to fight the wrongs of the era in which she competed, highlighting her amazing tenacity and fighting spirit.

And in her words to us at The Swim Set......

"To Cath and Kaz, "Keep Swimmming" Michelle Ford



And if you love a research rabbbit hole the State of Swimming has a great article.



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